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Michael Robert Bracamontes, a San Francisco attorney, was born in Los Angeles and raised in Montebello, California.  Michael is a product of the Los Angeles public school system. He attended Garfield High School in East Los Angeles.  He has a Political Science degree with a minor in Philosophy from the University of California, Irvine.  His law degree is from Berkeley Law.  Michael is a proud husband and father. He lives in the Bay Area with his wife, Doreen Sanchez Bracamontes, and their two children.

Social Justice Driven Policies

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Social justice, fair treatment for all, has to be at the heart of our motivation when making policy decisions.  Our country was founded on the principle that all people are created equal; that all have a right to pursue their life, their dreams, and their happiness, in their own manner.  Too often we fall short of our ideals.  We need to change the way we police our communities so that police interactions, regardless of where they occur in our State, are conducted without regard to race or economic status.  We need to combat sexual harassment in the workplace and sexual assault on our campuses.  We need to take domestic abuse seriously.  We need to preserve a woman’s right to make decisions about her body and her health.  We need to unite and protect each other from racist rhetoric.  We need to see our young men of color, not as threats, but as people.  We have a lot of work to do, but we can do it together.

The dream of a meritocracy is the central driver of our economic values.  It is the belief that if you’re good at what you do, and you work hard, and live right, then you will succeed. Yet we understand that meritocracy cannot exist as long as systematic and institutional inequity is allowed to go unchallenged. There are too many talented Californians, working hard, living right and not getting ahead.  Young adults investing in their futures by going to college, working hard, and holding down full-time jobs, are forced to live at home because of high debt and outrageous housing costs.  Hardworking adults toil longer hours than ever before and still can’t get ahead.  For too many, the promise of being judged by their merit is obscured by obstacles beyond their control.  We are going to change that.


The economy needs to work for every Californian, not just those in certain industries or certain cities.  We need to implement laws and policies that will allow diverse, hard working, ambitious Californians the opportunity to get a good job, get into a good school, and live a good life.  California is one of the largest economies in the world.  We should have the lowest poverty rate in the nation.  We should ensure that our children have access quality and affordable education.  We should be giving our college-aged young adults a viable path to degree completion that does not include crushing debt.  We should have job programs that enable every Californian to obtain the training they need to secure high paying jobs.



There are two ways the housing crisis is affecting people in California: 1) housing costs in big cities have been skyrocketing out of control.  This has had the effect of displacing large numbers of longtime residents and adversely affecting local communities; 2) the high cost of housing not only forces people out of communities, but impacts a person’s ability to make a living wage.


Many Californians have been forced to decide between exorbitant housing costs or enduring an unbearably long commute to big cities.  Many longtime residents are squeezed out of their communities, forced to relocate, and never return.  Michael is committed to implementing policies to protect residents from being forced out of their homes and to ensure that communities retain their rich history.


It is unsustainable for households to pay a large portion of their monthly income toward housing costs.  When so much of your household budget goes to putting a roof over your head, any unexpected problem, like a serious illness or an unexpected round of layoffs, can lead to an eviction or homelessness.


Putting policies in place to increase affordable housing options give families the opportunity to live close to their jobs, keep kids from having to transfer schools, and will allow folks to continue contributing in the communities that they call home.

It is time that California had leadership that was representative of the people of California.  For too long, our leadership has been comprised of multi-millionaires and professional politicians.  Millionaires are too concerned with passing laws that will make them and their friends richer.  Politicians are too concerned with retaining power and consolidating their influence.  We need leaders that will not only represent the people of California, but are of the people of California.

True democracy means true choice.  True democracy requires participation.  True democracy requires real representation.  Help us elect a real representative of California, donate or volunteer today.

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